Ajay Raina, Author at Institute of Design
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 Ajay Raina

Ajay Raina

Educational Qualification

    B.E (Civil), Post Grad Diploma in Cinema (FTII)


  • Professor


  • Institute of Design

General Information


  • Ajay Raina has produced, directed, and edited many fiction shorts, documentary films and TV programmes besides having written innumerable screenplays for feature films and a novel in English. He has won the National Award (Rajat Kamal), the Golden Conch and other prestigious awards like IDPA Silver Trophy and RAPA award for his documentary films, many of which have screened at numerous forums, seminars and at major international and national film festivals. His Documentary film ?Between Border and the fence, on edge of a map? (2011)? is short listed among 12 best documentaries of the year 2011-12 by the well- known Walker Art Magazine. Ajay?s work mainly explores the contemporary context of the conflict in Kashmir and the experience of exile, displacement and diaspora through an exploration of history, memory and Hindu - Muslims relations post partition. He teaches courses in Cinema studies, Film Direction, Documentary and Screenplay writing. He is the founder of Kashmir Oral History project and curator of a travelling festival of films related to Kashmir conflict.