Anti-Drug Committee

Prevention/Prohibition of Drugs/Alcohol

Our campus is a non-smoking campus (School & Hostel). Possession and Consumption of alcoholic beverages / toxic materials and presence of students on the campus under the influence of alcohol/ toxic material/ addictive material is a serious offence. Any student found consuming or in possession of any objectionable material is a punishable offence and the major penalty leads to rustication from the hostel, school and the campus.
In pursuance of the law of the land against the use & possession of Narcotics-Drugs, Nirma University has taken various measures to prevent the use of drugs/alcohol by the students on campus. These measures are including:

  1. Formation of Anti-Drug Squad at the Institute Level as well as University level as is done in case of Ragging.
  2. Formation of Anti-Drug Squad of the students’ volunteers at Hostels and the Institute.
  3. Carrying out regular as well as surprise visits in Hostels and other places.
  4. Organizing various awareness programmes to educate the students about the ill effects of the use of drugs as well as the penalties for violation of the laws.
  5. Displaying of Anti-Drug posters at prominent places for awareness of the students.
  6. Organizing a session in Induction Programme against the use and possession of drugs/alcohol.
  7. Obtaining undertaking from the students against the use and possession of drugs/alcohol.

Anti-Drug Committee at Department of Design, Nirma University

Prof Sangita Shroff Chairperson
Ms Kanupriya Taneja Coordinator
Mr Asir Polara(Student) Representative
Mr Juggal Gajjar(Student) Representative
Mr Gopal Bhai Security Officer

Faculty Coordinator: Prof Kanupriya Taneja
Contact Number : 079-71652325