Photography Club

The Photography Club commenced on August 17, 2019 with the intention of creating a community of photographers of the Department of Design, Nirma University. The club consists of members from all the batches of the Department who meet on every working Thursday. A topic is given in every two weeks on which all the club members click pictures and have an intensive discussion on all these pictures when they meet on a Thursday. the club’s purpose is to expand the members’ knowledge in photography and it takes certain steps to let that happen: intensive discussion on fellow members’ and other photographer’s work, sharing knowledge on the basics and techniques of photography and related to composition, equipment, editing, watching documentaries, interacting with eminent photographers and going through their work. Social media serves as an important tool in gathering information on fellow photographers of the world and in getting to know about new techniques to be able to click better pictures.

The purpose is to grow as a community and as individual photographers through practice and having the pictures criticised constructively by fellow club members. The club also organises photo walks wherein the members go around the city exploring new places and new horizons in their photography skills. The club is more of a Photographers community where the members learn from each other and from people who are working professionally in this field.

Student Coordination: Tanmay Agrawal
Contact Number : 7665971363