Theatre Club

The theatre club of Department of Design, Nirma University is a newly formed group of students who are passionate about exploring theatre in its various forms. The club is home to actors, directors, script writers, sound designers and composers, set designers and managers, costume and makeup designers, production managers, and above all, team players.

DoDNU is often represented at intra-university theatre competitions by its theatre club and is occasionally treated to exclusive productions put up by the members of the club.

The club holds regular meetings and practice sessions on every working Wednesday, that each of its members are required to attend. This is how every member gets to know the others and build a solid foundation of trust that each theatrical performance thrives on. A fresh intake of members is taken every year, in or around the month of September, and the family keeps growing larger.

Watch this space for updates on future performances and productions!

Student Coordinator: Haavani Kapadia