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Sangita Shroff

Institute of Design

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Design thinking is a buzz word today for big corporations, businesses and the manufacturing and retail sectors. Today, Governments of countries are using ‘Design thinking’ to solve problems of civic administration and governance creatively, with a focus to build economically viable, commercially profitable and human-centric solutions. Service Design, Communication Design, Industrial Design and Urban Design are areas where we see Design in action today, aided amply by technology.

Institute of Design at Nirma University provides students with an unique opportunity to interact with other institute students and faculties. This helps the students to work in a multiple discipline design project during design studies. The Institute of Design is offering two disciplines’ Industrial Design with specialisation in Product Design and Communication Design with training in Graphic Design and emerging Digital Media.

Product Design discipline has a focus on designing products and devices for Healthcare, Educational Aids, Consumer products for home and retail industry and functional tools and devices. On the other hand Communication Design discipline focuses on Graphic Design, Publication Design, Brand Communication, Film Design, Digital Interaction and Interface Design.

The first year is a common Foundation programme, where learning is centred around design skills of Visualisation in 2D and 3D, exploring materials and making in workshops, theory of art and design, contextual studies comprising documentation of people, their occupations, their habitats and Users’ interactions with product, image and space systems.

Our pedagogy is ‘hands-on’, embedded in continuous loops of learning, through making, testing and building theoretical knowledge. The onus of learning is on the Student’ in the Design studios, Disruptive labs, Material workshops, Field trips and in the many libraries located on the University campus. The faculty members are mentors and facilitators of design know how and skills. The Institute has a team of full time and visiting faculty with varied professional expertise engaged with students in various courses, projects and electives. Our vision is:

“We Design today, for a better, efficient and humane tomorrow.”

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