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Campus Life


The different Associations/Clubs carry out a host of activities in academic, social, cultural, and sports areas. The students get involved in activities to expand on their areas of interest that help their holistic development.

Students Life

Students have many opportunities to meet people from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, engage in extracurricular activities, join clubs, and attend social events. This experience is enriching as it helps in holistic development and builds a sense of community.


The Institute of Design is highly engaged in extension activities to build the neighbouring communities on one hand and to foster psycho-social development of students on the other hand.

Places of Interest

The university houses a well-maintained art gallery in its Institute of Management building. The art gallery displays the paintings of the late Nima K Patel, an artist and student of fine arts.

Additional Facilities

The Institute offers a variety of facilities and learning resources to its students to meet their diverse needs both academically and culturally.