Toy design challenge of ADW

Student Name : Akanksha Shah

Award/Achievement: Winner in Toy Design Challenge.
Ms Akansksha Shah of Semester VI, Industrial Design, has won the toy design challenge hosted by I-Hub and United World Institute of Design. She has also received a grant of INR 2 Lakhs.


D’source Design Challenge(Third Round)

Student Name : Nikita Nair

Award/Achievement: Product Design Category.

Nikita Nair studying in Industrial Design discipline in Semester V participated in the D ’source Corona Design Challenge on 30th August, 2020. The Brief was to Design a Modular Portable Isolation Facility for Covid-19 patients. The student designed a portable isolation unit (Flexi Unit) to be used in hospitals, homes or in quarantine facilities, which can be set up easily in a short time using a minimum number of people. The student’s entry was selected from over 2726 entries with over 3900 participants from 55 countries in all the 3 rounds.


Inovora India Design studio, Packaging design competition(Second life of packaging challenge)

Student Name : Aashna Agarwal

Award/Achievement: First position in Furniture category

Aashna Agarwal, studying in industrial design discipline in semester VII, participated in the Second life of packaging challenge, the results of which were announced on 22nd August 2020. The competition was organised by Inovora India Design studio. The task was to design a packaging product that can be reused and built into another product, second life for packaging. The student developed table top furniture out of corrugated boxes, to reuse and create a fun activity for building products out of corrugated boxes. The student secured 1st position in the furniture category.


X-PRIZE, NextGen Mask Challenge 2020, California, USA

Student Name : Chandni Desai

Award/Achievement: Currently in top 25

The competition is on from July to December 2020.

Chandni Desai from Semester III, Industrial Design participated in X-PRIZE, NextGen Mask Challenge 2020 where the brief was to design a face mask or shield solving the top ten inconveniences of mask-wearing while maintaining protection of the wearer. The mask was designed by a team of three ( Chandani Desai, a biomedical student, a spatial design student)  from India which is the only team to qualify to the top 25 out of 900 global teams. The designed mask designed is not only more eco-friendly and protective, but also fashionable for the next generation.


ASIFA International Animation Day

Student Name : Dhanvi Shah, Srishti Dutta and Vashishtha Dubey

Award/Achievement: Official Selection

Dhanvi Shah, Srishti Dutta and Vashishtha Dubey – students of Semester VII, Communication Design designed and animation film on the issue of Domestic Violence. The increasing cases of domestic violence during Covid Lockdown times became an inspiration to create an animated film to inspire the victims to take a stand for themselves. The film was submitted to ASIFA (an International Film Festival) and will be screened at Studio Face in Lugano, Switzerland on 14th of November, 2020.


Inovora India Design studio, Packaging design competition(Second life of packaging challenge)

Student Name : Piyush Vishwakarma

Award/Achievement: First position in everyday solutions

Piyush Vishwakarma studying in Industrial Design discipline, Semester 5 participated in a competition organised by Inovora India Design Studio, the result of which was announced on 22nd August, 2020.The purpose of the competition is to give secondary life to the packaging by up-cycling the packaging material. The student designed a storing dustpan from the cardboard and secured first position in the everyday solution category.


Inovora India Design studio, Packaging design competition(Second life of packaging challenge)

Student Name : Tejas Patel

Award/Achievement: First position in COVID-19 category

‘Tejas Patel, Industrial Design student in Semester V participated in a competition organised by Inovora India Design studio. The task was to design a packaging of product that can be reused and built into another product (second life for packaging). The student designed an alternative of disposable gloves which solves the same purpose of avoiding direct contact with unfamiliar surfaces. By designing a product that partiality covers the hand and still provides sufficient protection, Tejas secured First position in category of COVID-19 for this challenge.”


D’source Corona Design Challenge (Round 3)

Student Name : Kashyap Panchal

Award/Achievement: Campaign Design Category.

Kashyap Panchal studying in Industrial Design discipline in Semester V participated in the D’source Corona Design Challenge on July 9, 2020. The brief was to design an awareness campaign around the Covid-19 pandemic in the form of posters, films etc. The student designed a set of posters directed towards different demographics. The central theme of the posters was satire which different demographics would relate to and gain the attention of the consumers while giving away the message of washing hands. The student’s entry was selected from over 2726 entries with over 3900 participants from 55 countries in all the 3 rounds.


Hack’NC Global Hackathon 2020

Student Name : Ananya Gupta

Award/Achievement: Best Hack in Education-Explorer Category

Ananya Gupta studying in Industrial design discipline in Semester VII participated in HackNC – a three-day Global Hackathon hosted by North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA.held from 16th-18th November. The brief was to develop and design a user-centric solution to the given problems and tracks. The student and her team (three software developers from NCSU) developed a digital platform – Reviewer. io  for students seeking guidance from their professors and colleagues while choosing the right course program.

Ananya has secured Best Hack in the Education-Explorer Category.


NUZEAL Competition

A university Level Annual Cultural Festival – NUZEAL 2019 was organised by Students Welfare Board on February 5 & 6, 2019. Following events were organised at different places in the campus. Skit, Mime, Mimicry / Mono Acting, Solo Dance, Duet Dance, Group Dance, Solo Classical Dance, Solo Singing, Duet Singing, Group Song, Vocal (Classical), Classical Instrumental, Rangoli, Collage, On the Spot Painting, Cartooning, Face Painting, Poster Making, Debate, Elocution, Poetry Recitation and Personality Contest were organised. Prize distribution was arranged at the end of each event. Large number students, faculty and staff members participated in this festival. Anupriya Yadav and Krati Palawat received Consolation Prize from Department of Design for Poster Making. Piyush Vishwakarma from Department of Design won the Consolation prize for Cartooning. Riddhi Soni and Muskaan Gupta won the first prize in Rangoli competition from Department of Design.



Nirma University organised its second edition of Inter-University Sports Festival – AbhimaNU’19. The sports fest was organised from February 19-24, 2019 consisted of three sporting events: Cricket, Volleyball and Table Tennis, in which, a total participation of about 450 players was witnessed from colleges and universities all over Gujarat. A Prize Distribution Ceremony of AbhimaNU’19 was held at 5:00 pm on February 24, 2019 at Cricket Ground, Nirma University. Students from the Department of Design were part of the Women’s Volleyball team that stood on the Runners-up position.



Department of Design, Nirma University congratulates Prapanja Anandkumar, a second year Communication Design student for winning the second position in ‘SHUTTERBUGS’ – a photography event hosted by the Institute of Management at their Inter College fest ‘GENESIS 2019’ held from February 20-22, 2019.

The event was held on the third day, February 22, 2019 as a part of their 3-day festival in Institute of Management, Nirma University. The theme for the competition was ‘WORLD OF GEOMETRIC PATTERNS”. This topic drew attention from many participants across all the Institutes. The participants submitted two of their best shots and interpreted the photographs to the panel of judges. Prapanja explained in her picture that a line segment is a basic element in construction of geometric shapes and repetition of shapes form patterns. She saw these patterns in the wire fence outside the lawn where a wire was bent to form shapes and patterns and the pattern was effective enough to stop trespassing on the lawns. This interpretation won her the second place in SHUTTERBUGS event along with a camera bag from Geeta Photography.



The Department of Design at Nirma University hosted the first edition of its cultural festival- ReDo, from March 18–22, 2019. The festival had a series of workshops in which expert artisans and designers were invited to conduct hands-on events like Kaavad, bamboo and leather craft. There were theatre workshops as well as film screenings. A cooking competition sponsored by Nestle India also took place. There were talks by Ms. Mahek Malhotra (CEO, Giggling Monkey) and Mr Mithilesh Valzawar (Coffee expert). Stand-up comedian Urooj Ashfaq was also a part of the festival. The festival aimed at enriching the knowledge of design students beyond classroom environment and encourage creative leadership and collaboration.



The Annual Sports Meet of Nirma University, Ahmedabad was organised from October 04–06, 2018. It was an exciting opportunity for the students to showcase their skill, energy and true sportsmen spirit. The department of design encouraged the students to take part in all the sports events, motivating and cheering the participants all through the process.
The students brought glory to the department by winning the Gold in Chess followed by Second Runner up in Relay Race (Women), Silver medal in Discuss Throw (Women), Silver medal in both Basketball (Women) and Volleyball (Women). It was also a proud moment for the department when two of its students participated in national level competitions and brought accolades for the university and the department.
Ms Akanksha Shah, Semester II Student, Department of Design participated both in National Level Chess Championship held in New Delhi and State Level Chess Championship held in Ahmedabad in New Delhi under 19 years’ category. She bagged the Third position in Gujrat State Chess Championship and Khel Maha Kumbh State Chess Championship held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
It was also a moment of appreciation and pride for the department when Ms Tanvi Kumar Semester II student bagged Silver medal in Kumite (Fight) organised by Ahmedabad District Selection Karate Tournament, Ahmedabad. She also won Gold medal in Kumite, and Silver medal in Kata, in SKSI’s 9th International Karate Championship (approved by Karate Association of India), Awadh, Lucknow, December 2018. She is a brown belt and was the sole representative of Nihonden Karate do Showakan (Japan) approved by Karate association of India.


Short Film Competition

A short film competition was organised from October 01-30, 2018 wherein 20 teams across the University had participated. Each team consisted of 4 members and they made films on the topic “Equal Opportunity”
Workshops for the teams were organised during the month to enhance their skills.
A jury consisting of Mr Navin Mathur, Mr Utpal Sharma and Mr Arun Gupta evaluated the teams.
The first two positions were bagged by Department of Design while the third prize was shared by DoDNU and ILNU