Students Life at a Glance

The Department of Design is  a great place for academic and intellectual development. It is also a vibrant and a lively place for personal and social development.

The Department of Design focuses on ‘Learning by Doing’ approach in a studio setting  to develop design skills, design concepts, design theory and design thinking . The students are learning under the guidance of the best educationists of the country many of whom come as visiting faculty, guest lecturers and advisors to the department.

The department has a very robust and vibrant environment created through a rich mix of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities leading to the holistic development of students.

Further, the Nirma University campus is abuzz with numerous activities in sports, adventure and culture. Several art, music and literary activities also take place on the campus and help students identify abilities within themselves.

Each institute has a rich calendar of events, fests, traditions and sports, adventure, literary and cultural activities. In addition, the University organises sports, cultural and social events for all the institutes at the central level. The university and its constituent institutes ensure that all students have opportunities for holistic development.

The university and its constituent institutes host various celebrations for different festivals of India. There are a lot of other events such as musical concerts, stand-up comedy shows, dance, music, and other extremely fun and engaging events that are open to all students of the university.