Students’ Associations and Clubs are one of the unique features of the University. A host of activities are carried out by the different institute associations and clubs in academic, social, cultural and sports area. Students take the responsibility to plan, organise, conduct, and review the events, happening at their respective institute from time to time.

This culture inculcates the spirit of independence and leadership amongst the students.  The students get involved in these activities not merely for the learning value but also for the pleasure that comes with the experience of a job well done. The students recognise their talents and skills in the process and are inspired to develop them further.

Some examples of these associations and clubs are the associations run by the various departments of Institute of Technology, like CSI (Computer Society of India), Infocrates, IL2 (Invincible Leaders’ League), ER (Enchanted Rhythms), and ACES (Association of Civil Engineering Students), among many others. Likewise the Institute of Management has a number of student run clubs including Fiesta (the dance and music club), Chehre (the dramatics club), Pratikriti (Photography club) XQuizIT (the quiz club), to name a few. Similarly, NILSAA (Nirma Institute of Law Students’ Activities Association) conducts an array of events under its flagship.

More information can be found about these associations and clubs in the Campus Life section of different institutes.


The theatre club of Department of Design, Nirma University is a newly formed group of students who are passionate about exploring theatre in its various forms. The club is home to actors, directors, script writers, sound designers and composers, set designers and managers, costume and makeup designers, production managers, and above all, team players.

DoDNU is often represented at intra-university theatre competitions by its theatre club and is occasionally treated to exclusive productions put up by the members of the club.

The club holds regular meetings and practice sessions on every working Wednesday, that each of its members are required to attend. This is how every member gets to know the others and build a solid foundation of trust that each theatrical performance thrives on. A fresh intake of members is taken every year, in or around the month of September, and the family keeps growing larger.

Watch this space for updates on future performances and productions!

Student Coordinator: Haavani Kapadia

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Nabajit Deka
Contact Number : 079-71652325

The Popcorn Society, Department of Design’s film club, commenced on March 19, 2019. The first film screened was ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ with an intention of screening well made films in terms of Screenplay, Story-line, Adaptations, Sound, Editing, Direction and Cinematography. Live-action, animated movies, documentaries, short films, etc. are screened in order to inculcate the sense of appreciating the art and craft of cinema. At the end of each film the various aspects of films and the story line in depth are discussed, emphasising particularly on hidden elements used by the director to make the film more interesting and an actual work of art compared to just a simple visual story.

The choice of films is not limited by popular culture or by any particular language. Moreover, selection includes films of all languages in order to expand the views and awareness of various cultures and modes of communication. The club’s archive consists of critically acclaimed films and of films that were art pieces but failed to entertain people. In the club’s opinion films aren’t a form of entertainment; they are a medium of learning and educating young minds the art of film making and enlightening with a broader perspective on life.

The club team has two founder members, Dhanvi Shah (Sem V) and Abhishek Rajput (Sem III), and two core members Harsh Mandaliya (Sem III) and Paramveer Singh (Sem III). The club screens films once a week in the Disruptive Studio, PG Block. They try their best to maintain a wide audience in order to keep the atmosphere of watching and understanding the art of film making in a group.

Student Coordinator: Dhanvi Shah
Contact Number : 9998123357

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Tanaya Vyas
Contact Number : 079-71652325


The Photography Club commenced on August 17, 2019 with the intention of creating a community of photographers of the Department of Design, Nirma University. The club consists of members from all the batches of the Department who meet on every working Thursday. A topic is given in every two weeks on which all the club members click pictures and have an intensive discussion on all these pictures when they meet on a Thursday. the club’s purpose is to expand the members’ knowledge in photography and it takes certain steps to let that happen: intensive discussion on fellow members’ and other photographer’s work, sharing knowledge on the basics and techniques of photography and related to composition, equipment, editing, watching documentaries, interacting with eminent photographers and going through their work. Social media serves as an important tool in gathering information on fellow photographers of the world and in getting to know about new techniques to be able to click better pictures.

The purpose is to grow as a community and as individual photographers through practice and having the pictures criticised constructively by fellow club members. The club also organises photo walks wherein the members go around the city exploring new places and new horizons in their photography skills. The club is more of a Photographers community where the members learn from each other and from people who are working professionally in this field.

Student Coordination: Tanmay Agrawal
Contact Number : 7665971363

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Nabajit Deka
Contact Number : 079-71652325