Students’ Work

Department of Design commenced in 2017 with a vision of the management, to build a holistic campus of varied disciplines. The mandate was to expand the innovative science and logic-based disciplines to include creative, disruptive and non-linear thinking disciplines. Being the youngest department on the University campus, our vision is to offer inter-disciplinary orientation that is necessary for today’s industry demands.

The pedagogy in the Department of Design is collaborative and learner-centered. It consists of a combination of theory and skills, field research and project-based courses. The well-structured curriculum for each semester aims for all-round development of the students while enhancing their existing skills. It offers two disciplines – Industrial Design and Communication Design. The four year undergraduate programme begins with a common foundation year in design. There is an intense 15 weeks of learning in each of the eight semesters. Learning through internships and apprenticeships happens during the ten week summer vacation period each year.

The philosophy for both programmes is inclusive design with a focus on universal design. We strive to focus on cultural and contextual needs. Our students work closely with indigenous clusters in western India as well as other parts of the country, that they belong to. Being located in Ahmedabad — the design capital of the country, the programme draws from the expertise of multiple design practitioners and design academics residing in the city.

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This page showcases the work of students in the foundation year, (common to both the disciplines) Communication Design and Industrial Design.

  • The four year undergraduate programme in Communication Design and Industrial Design begins with a common foundation year in design.
  • Industrial Design is a discipline that involves the design of objects, tools, appliances and complex technical equipment. It encompasses
  • Communication Design discipline has evolved since the 1950s, from graphics, publication design and brand development to include website design,