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Design Pedagogy


At the Institute of Design, students learn in five engaging ways:

In the Studio: Studios are large work areas where you will have space to draw, paint, make simple models and display your work so there is rich interaction and collaborative learning with fellow students and teachers. Studios facilitate learning by doing which allows you to explore design problems through multiple iterations and quick prototypes.

Through Classroom Interactions: Studio explorations are blended with didactic sessions, such as lectures and demonstrations, in the ‘traditional’ classroom format.

Workshops: Short, intense learning sessions are conducted through workshops with subject experts and professional designers from various specialisations.

Field Immersions and Industry Visits: An important component of learning design lies outside the campus. Hence visits to manufacturing units, professional studios and museums, and monuments form an essential part of the pedagogy. Longer immersions in rural areas and field visits within Ahmedabad are also included in various courses.

Internships: Regular internships help students to have sustained exposure to the world of work so that they can connect their academic courses to the real world.