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Secure Meters – Dharohar Visit to Campus

On August 22, 2022, Secure Meters & Dharohar visited campus for an interactive session with the final year students. Dharohar is a CSR arm of Secure Meters based out of Udaipur. Mr. Rohit Jani – Head of Services, Dharohar and Ms. Batul Habib – HR Manager, Secure Meters presented the opportunity with Dharohar, their work and plans going ahead and discussed in detail about their three projects.

Dharohar aims to build resilient communities of lifelong learners. Presenting a range of degree projects and placement opportunities for both communication design and industrial design students. They run volunteering programmes for businesses, where their teams work with children and on large, community greening initiatives. Their work ranges from digitizing Sanskrit manuscripts, planting trees, teaching kids to think like scientists, exploring art and much more. They believe everything is interesting, and everyone has something to contribute.

The project of preservation of Sanskrit texts worked towards archiving ancient wisdom. We have a treasure trove of knowledge, but it’s mostly hidden in manuscripts that no-one can find. Sanskriti is changing that; Dharohar is bringing together technology and ancient heritage to create a digitally searchable catalogue of over 2 million Sanskrit manuscripts. Anyone who’s interested will be able to access a high-quality image and digital text of manuscripts at one click.

The second presented project was that of ’10 lakh Vriksh’ was a project to plant 10 lakh trees in five years. The aim of this project is to promote volunteering by coming together with others to plant and maintain a million trees in and around the city, to increase biodiversity. They are creating green spaces for play. In doing all this, building the knowledge, connections and resilience to thrive as a community, even in the toughest times.

The third project introduced to us surely took some students aback. Third space: the haveli of curiosity, is a project to create a space that will house leisure, cultural, and educational programs and will provide world class facilities for formal and informal learning, socializing and performing arts in India. The space is a one of a kind architectural delight being handled by Saar Studio. The space is also expected to house interactive exhibitions and experiments to instill knowledge and desire to discover more.

All three of the projects hold space for Communication Designers in advertising, representation, layout design, posters and various other visual forms of communication to create awareness towards the project as well as the information and learning provided by the project. There were many opportunities for Industrial Designers to create interaction in exhibition, experiments and digital interface and to participate in creating elements of the space.

Secure Meters provides very interesting projects to work with and the chance to learn from a huge group of diverse professionals and students alike.