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The Institute of Design hosted a talk by Mr Sudhir Sharma on March 21, 2024. Sudhir is a well-known designer and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of IndiDesign and a pioneering brand design and business transformation consultant. Sudhir has three decades of experience. He has worked in India and travelled extensively to Asia and Europe to lecture and speak at various universities. He is known for his projects with many Indian Brands, like Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Finserv, Varroc, ICICI, Venkies, Standard Chartered Bank, Commonwealth Youth Games 2008, and Pune City Branding. Sudhir was awarded the Lexus Design Award, Top Innovation Award, WIDC China, and Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by APEA for his contributions to India’s design business industry.

Sudhir has many international clients from Nepal, Germany, and the United States. He showed projects that demonstrated a high level of creativity and innovation. The Bike-rider theme café at Kathmandu designed for bike-riding enthusiasts had an energetic and sporting vibe that gained traction among tourists besides being popular with the locals.

Sudhir is the pioneer of a magazine called ‘Design India’ which tells the story of Indian design culture and Indian designers. This magazine was instrumental in recognising the contributions of the Indian design and design community globally. Sudhir also hosts a design event called ‘The Design India Show’ to promote and recognise the design talent of the country. The event is judged by some of the best designers from across the country.

Sudhir inspired students with his journey to make the design successful and get due recognition in both India and abroad. The most engaging aspect of Sudhir’s talk was his plan for the future. He intends to start design-themed cafés franchised all over India. The other plans include a Netflix documentary series on design cultures globally.

Sudhir’s talk was a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. Through his remarkable projects, engaging anecdotes, and dialogue with students, he sparked a sense of curiosity and reminded everyone of the boundless possibilities ahead in the pursuit of meaningful change for the world through design.