Institute of Management, Nirma University - Logo

Logo Design Competition 2019 by ITNU 

Date : September 28, 2019 
Venue : Nirma University, Ahmedabad

The Institute of Technology Nirma University organised a Logo Design Competition on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of ITNU. It was an open call for students, faculty, alumni and staff of Nirma University to design the ITNU logo. Snigdha Suggala, student of 5th Semester- Communication Design discipline of Department of Design NU won the competition. Snigdha describes the logo as a mix of graphic elements that focus on ITNU and the number 25 to celebrate its 25 years of existence. Upon giving it a closer look one can see that the number ‘2’ also looks like a ‘9’. It makes the whole logo look like ‘95’, which was the year ITNU was established in. So the logo is not only 25 but also 95. The logo represents the various engineering fields ITNU offers. The logo is divided into parts which are individual and detached to symbolize how various autonomous fields come together to form one big institute. The logo has a modern look and feel to it, to keep it relevant to this era.