Sabarmati Festival (2017)

Event – Sabarmati Festival, January 17-21, 2018

The Institute of Design was invited to participate and showcase their work in the 2ndAnnual Edition of Sabarmati Festival at Sabarmati Riverfront. The five-day long festival witnessed footfall from all walks of life. The theme of the festival was “Small is Beautiful”.

Keeping the theme in mind the students of Institute of Design, Nirma University travelled to the nook and corner of Ahmedabad to study people behind the scenes who complete our lives and perform the necessary yet unacknowledged part in the system.

Roadside Cobblers, Roadside Tailors, Roadside Mechanics, Roadside Barbers, Roadside Pani-puriwala, Roadside Food Van, Fashion Street Vendors etc. are those faceless people who are slowly getting lost in maze of flashy and glitzy city lights and the homogeneous modern urban spaces that take away the traditional charm.

The display was in a maze format paying tribute to four such Makers/Small Entrepreneurs. The students captured their lives via Illustration in a narrative format weaving interesting tales of their lives.

Students working on the display