Film Club

The Popcorn Society, Department of Design’s film club, commenced on March 19, 2019. The first film screened was ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ with an intention of screening well made films in terms of Screenplay, Story-line, Adaptations, Sound, Editing, Direction and Cinematography. Live-action, animated movies, documentaries, short films, etc. are screened in order to inculcate the sense of appreciating the art and craft of cinema. At the end of each film the various aspects of films and the story line in depth are discussed, emphasising particularly on hidden elements used by the director to make the film more interesting and an actual work of art compared to just a simple visual story.

The choice of films is not limited by popular culture or by any particular language. Moreover, selection includes films of all languages in order to expand the views and awareness of various cultures and modes of communication. The club’s archive consists of critically acclaimed films and of films that were art pieces but failed to entertain people. In the club’s opinion films aren’t a form of entertainment; they are a medium of learning and educating young minds the art of film making and enlightening with a broader perspective on life.

The club team has two founder members, Dhanvi Shah (Sem V) and Abhishek Rajput (Sem III), and two core members Harsh Mandaliya (Sem III) and Paramveer Singh (Sem III). The club screens films once a week in the Disruptive Studio, PG Block. They try their best to maintain a wide audience in order to keep the atmosphere of watching and understanding the art of film making in a group.

Student Coordinator: Dhanvi Shah
Contact Number : 9998123357