Parent Meeting

The Department of Deign organises meetings with parents every semester with a view to establish a personal rapport with them and to share the progress of their wards. The department follows a continuous evaluation system. Mid-semester reviews are organised with parents during the semester to guide and help the students and apprise the parents about various aspects of their ward’s academic growth.

The department also organises exhibitions of students’ work to showcase their learning across different courses. Parent community is invited for this event. This helps strengthen the relationship between the academic and the parent community. Further, looking at the growth trajectory of their wards, it instills a sense of pride in them.

It is highly desirable that parents attend such meetings so that they are aware about the academic progress and social adjustment of their wards and also about the expectations and standards of the university. These meetings are also an opportunity for the university to seek feedback of the parents


Prof Kanupriya Taneja
Department of Design