BDes Communication Design

Communication Design discipline has evolved since the 1950’s from Graphics, Publication design and Brand development to include Website design, User interaction and Experience design, Exhibition and Museum design, Animation and Film design today.

After completing the first year in Design Foundation studies, students commence their study to be Communication designers from 2nd year onwards. Our design pedagogy consists of a combination of theory and skills, field research and project-based courses. Learning is through classroom assignments and projects. Exposure visits are planned to manufacturing set-ups and to national conferences and workshops. Industry immersion for specific periods are part of the learning process to work as apprentices or interns. Working on live projects with faculty mentors and design experts is part of the real-life professional training that happens on the campus with ‘real’ clients.

The Communication Design students thus trained in the analogue and digital medium will make a difference in the world of design. They will work as creative team members in design studios, advertising companies, branding consultancy services. They will be trained to be entrepreneurs who will set up companies offering design services to industry with specialized requirements. Placements will be part of the academic responsibility of the department.

The range of subjects imparted to students of Communication Design include

  • Elements of Form
  • Principles of Design
  • Illustration Design
  • Photography
  • Semiotics and Communication Theory
  • Study of Visual narrative styles
  • Typography & Type Design
  • Identity design and Branding
  • Information & Publication Design
  • Printing and Digital technologies
  • UI-UX Design (Web and App)
  • Space Design and Wayfinding
  • Moving Images & Film Design
  • Animation Design etc. 

Communication Design course structure at Department of Design is generic and all-inclusive at the Undergraduate level. The students are trained in multiple skill areas. In the third year of study, from Semester V, the students are offered two pathways and select a minor specialization through Electives. These are:

  • Graphics and UI-UX Design
  • Moving Images: Animation and Film Design