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  • “Product design” is the process of conceptualising, creating, and iterating on items, gadgets, and things that address specific market
Date : 18/03/2023
  • The UI/UX design field focuses on creating an enjoyable and practical user experience for customers to keep them engaged
Date : 19/01/2023
  • Design is the exuberant place, and color is the language of one’s soul/ passion. By using bright and vivid
Date : 19/01/2023
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way companies do business. New product lines, recurring revenue streams, more
Date : 15/07/2021
  • Ahmedabad is a city that amazes one with its impeccable planning and vibrancy. Be its food, culture or architecture,
Date : 11/03/2019
  • Ms. Lakshmi Murthy was invited to IDNU to give a talk on social communication on 18.7.17. She is a
Date : 10/03/2019
  • Dignitaries on the Campus on the Occasion of First Foundation Day of IDNU Institute of Design, Nirma University celebrated
Date : 10/03/2019
  • Event – Sabarmati Festival, January 17-21, 2018 The Institute of Design was invited to participate and showcase their work
Date : 17/08/2018