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Embracing the Human in Enterprise Design

A deep dive into the world of enterprise design – that’s how we would describe our two-day interaction design workshop organised by the Institute of Design, Nirma University in collaboration with Cohesity, India. More than just a quick lesson, it was an immersive experience that allowed us to learn from industry experts Asir and Akshay.

The workshop kicked off with a fascinating history lesson demonstrating the evolution of human-machine interaction. We journeyed from the days of the early clunky interfaces to the sophisticated touch screens of today. A reminder of Moore’s Law highlighted that the future of design is inextricably linked to the growth of computing power.

Despite the technical elements, the workshop never lost sight of the most critical part: the user. We delved into tools like personas, interaction models, and data models, learning how to understand user needs, navigate complexity seamlessly, and strike the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. Even seemingly minor design changes, we discovered through the object model, could have a dramatic impact on the user experience.

The workshop wasn’t just about acquiring new skills; it was about completely reshaping our perception of enterprise design. We discovered it wasn’t just a corporate checkbox, but a dynamic process fueled by user empathy, technical expertise, and strategic foresight. It was a revelation, opening our eyes to the incredible potential of design in shaping the future of how businesses interact with the world.

We delved into the captivating world of user research as well. Starting with a simple concept of “food,” we dissected it using the “5 W’s and H” exercise, sparking playful exploration that led us to a crisp brief: designing a food delivery app for interns. Our research journey taught us how to identify business opportunities, build context, and craft research questions that capture user experience, pain points, and valuable insights. The exercise was an eye-opening journey that equipped us with the tools to unlock the secrets of user research and create solutions that resonate.

As part of the workshop, we had the opportunity to apply our newly acquired knowledge by enhancing Google apps with innovative features. We were divided into groups, each tasked with selecting a Google app, and engaged in rapid brainstorming sessions, mirroring the fast-paced nature of industry challenges. The diversity of ideas presented by each group underscored the importance of considering multiple perspectives in design. The constructive feedback received during the review session empowered us with a deeper understanding of industry requirements and user preferences.

In conclusion, the workshop was not just fun but also incredibly helpful. It refined our interaction design skills and provided a glimpse into the collaborative and dynamic nature of the industry, preparing us for future careers in the field. It truly was an inspiring change!

Written by:
Joel Yeldo Alias (21BDI019)
Simran Purswani (21BDI031)
Vaibhav Saluja (21BDI039)
Yashvi Shah (21BDI044)