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Ahmedabad is a city that amazes one with its impeccable planning and vibrancy. Be its food, culture or architecture, everything here is vivacious and unique. Being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, it is a city of vibrancy, love and culture all around. It is filled with beautiful spectacles and this attracts people from around the world. This magnificent city is flabbergasting diverse in its cultures, communities, food and architecture. It is filled with gems that make this city a prime tourist attraction in India.

Food is like the blood that runs through the veins of this city, each street is filled with mouth-watering food. The weekends in the city are bubbling with people on food adventures who come with their family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal. Delicacies unite the entire city as one, despite its diversity in people. From Khaman to pizza and from chaas to milkshakes, this city has a place for everything. Each and every item of food here is served with love and graciousness followed by the saying ?let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food? Let the food do the talking!

Localities referred to as ?Amdavadis? are lively and full of zest. Gujarati being their medium of communication, they never fail to express themselves through their words and food.  The Pols of Ahmedabad are distinct residential areas that are exclusive and unique to the state of Gujarat. There are almost 175 pols in Ahmedabad. Each pol features fine and intricate wooden windows, brackets, balconies, chabutras and chowks. Ahmedabad being a coruscating metropolis, is incomplete without its two dominant festivities. The sky is full of kites accompanied by Undhiyu and Chikki, which is called Uttarayan or Makarsankranti. People fly kites from dusk till dawn.  October brings the nine graciously blissful nights on the grounds broached as Navratri. Garba is a traditional dance form of Gujarat which runs in the blood of all Gujaratis.

Ahmedabad is a place that you always come across but fail to recognise. It has chaos and colour along with vibrancy and valour, this place will make you shake your head and look again. I am talking about the magnificent streets of Ahmedabad. Every street here, seems like a different world in itself. It has a different scent and a different feeling that tickles you in the stomach. You only need to understand why it exists. The moment you think that you have figured out something about Ahmedabad, there is a whole new experience, just waiting to be felt. You will find a variety of artists and craftsmen diligently involved in the work that has been taught to them since generations. There will be people selling second hand books and small marble temples for your homes under bridges along with a vast array of museums and traditional khadi stores selling various items and displaying the history of Ahmedabad to you in one single glance. Ahmedabad takes great pride in its heritage and traditions. This place is also a mix of cultures and mythologies. Every new path in this city will introduce you to architecture that is a culmination of Islamic, oriental, Hindu, and Parisian touches, which have been embraced by its people for decades. There are art movements running along the roads to amaze you with its presence. When you are in Ahmedabad, look around. Look for kids playing sports, look for the Sunday market, the flower shops, the graffiti on our walls, the celebration of popular culture on auto rickshaws and trucks and on posters. Say hello to new people and engage in a conversation. You might just be able to unlock the door to a whole new treasure of happiness and knowledge that will sweep you off your feet.