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What is Communication Design?

Our daily lives are full of images and messages. We are surrounded by advertisements persuading us to buy new products that might make our lives better, and apps to help us exercise regularly or manage our money well.

We find our way around the city or in a railway station with the help of wayfinding signs and symbols which tell us where to park, or where toilets are located. Colorful murals beautify our flyovers and buildings and liven up public events, films move and thrill us, while social media reels and posts inform and entertain us. And every now and then, we are reminded through effective images to be better citizens by keeping our neighborhoods clean or voting responsibly. All these images and messages are the work of Communication designers who not only inform us and bring aesthetics into our lives, but also influence our behavior in positive directions.

What does a B.Des in Communication Design course offer?

The Communication Design courses at the Institute of Design, Nirma University will enable you to become effective communicators by stimulating your inner creativity and building visual communication skills.

You will learn to draw, take good photographs, use graphic software, make films and animations, design spaces, build brand identities, and much more in the Bachelor of Design course. As a Communication design student, you will build the competencies to influence users communities in our society and on our planet through powerful visuals and narratives.

And you will also have fun while you learn!