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Career in Design: Exploring the Endless Possibilities From Passion to Profession

Design is the exuberant place, and color is the language of one’s soul/ passion. By using bright and vivid colors and intricate dot tech, nature creates the artwork or design that is the bath and expression of life and the world around us in a positive, uplifting way. In a world with so much complexity, a designer chooses the light of positivity through the attributes of color, art, and style that make oneself an exceptionally creative person, and they wear that label with pride. In addition, having the ability to express your originality and make things visually appealing is something they enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could exercise your creativity full-time rather than just occasionally? Even better, what if you were paid to be creative on a daily basis? As it turns out, people like you can thrive in various design careers.

According to the report, India’s design industry grows between 23 and 25 percent annually and needs more than 62,000 designers, of whom only 7000 are qualified. As a result, the design industry in India has expanded its opportunities and potential.

So what does the future hold for designers? We compiled a list of 10 design jobs for creative people.

Career in design

Listed below are the most in-demand design job titles for 2023 and beyond.

  1. Product Designer
  2. Digital Designer
  3. Textile Designer
  4. UX Designer
  5. UI Designer
  6. Design Managers
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Art Director
  9. Interior Designer Entrepreneur
  10. Fashion Merchandiser

Product Designer

A product designer’s role can be flexible and is sometimes referred to as a full-stack designer. Their responsibilities may include UX, UI, coding, project management, and problem-solving. In addition, a product designer is responsible for solving problems that arise during product development and design.

Many graduates of the B.des product design programme will find product designers in demand, mostly at startups, large companies, and software companies. The automotive industry also requires specialised product designers. For example, most car companies are looking for product designers to lead their teams in designing their new electric vehicles’ software, applications, and user experience, which are still in their infancy.

Average Product designer salary: India: 7.5 LPA

Digital Designer

Digital designers create products such as websites, product graphics, email templates, social media graphics, and brand campaigns. Usually, they work as freelancers or as members of a team. Although the role of the digital designer is often combined with another title, it can also exist on its own, especially for freelancers.

The demand for digital designers is widespread across many industries. In addition to marketing agencies and departments, e-commerce sites, cloud-based software companies, fintech, and tech hardware companies are hiring digital designers.

Average Digital designer salary: India: 4.2 LPA

Textile Designer

Textile designers are a vital part of the fashion industry. They keep moving in fashion, bringing new trends and colors into style. In this way, textile designers also play an equal role in the fashion industry. Textile designers create various designs, prints, woven materials, and patterns for fashion designers.

Designers work mainly in two areas:

  1. For interiors (upholstery, soft furnishings, carpets)
  2. For clothing (fashion or specialist, such as fire-retardant).

In both areas, textile designers create two-dimensional patterns or designs used for repeat patterns, knitting patterns, woven fabrics, or textile products.

Moreover, designers must research trends, color forecasts, and textile testing in the textile industry. It is only possible for a textile designer to predict what will be sold in the future if he studies all these factors.

Average Textile designer salary: India: 4.0 LPA

UX Designer

A UX designer focuses on ensuring that users have a satisfying experience. Their design focuses on user interaction, ensuring the product is always usable and accessible. To create the best possible product, they conduct research, conduct testing, create wireframes, and work in a team.

Within the tech industry, UX designers are in high demand. Nearly every industry has open positions on web applications, mobile applications, or software. Hardware companies also hire UX designers to create the perfect phone, laptop, tablet, watch, or other product with an operating system.

Average UX designer salary: India: 4.8 LPA

UI Designer

UI designers design the screens that users interact with in apps, video games, websites, or pieces of software. These professionals develop a website’s visual elements and interactive properties, such as images, buttons, menus, and forms. User interface designers are responsible for how users navigate through different visual touchpoints.

It is no surprise that UI designers are in high demand in the tech industry. There is a dire need for UI designers in niche tech companies like sales platforms, cloud-based software, customer relationship management tools, artificial intelligence services, and startups. In addition to marketing, branding, and web development agencies, UI designers play a significant role in developing a wide range of products and services.

Average UI designer salary: India: 4.8 LPA

Design Managers

A design manager is an architect or project manager who works for a construction company (the main contractor) rather than for an initial design consultation. Some people refer to design managers as design coordinators or design and build managers.

A design manager coordinates all aspects of a project’s design, ensuring the project’s multidisciplinary teams work well together and everything is delivered on time and within budget. A design manager usually works on a project before construction begins and continues doing so through completion.

Average Design managers salary: India: 12.0 LPA

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for defining requirements, visualising, and creating graphics, including illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos. Besides websites, books, magazines, product packaging, and exhibitions, graphic designers will also shape their visual aspects.

The graphics should capture the attention of those who see them and convey the right message. In order to accomplish this, graphic designers must have strong design skills and be able to translate requirements into designs.

Average Graphic designers salary: India: 3.0 LPA

Art Director

A professional Art Director is responsible for developing and maintaining a creative vision that targets readers, viewers, or users. Typically, they manage teams of designers to undertake innovative projects such as film and television advertising, graphic design, and marketing.

An art director creates designs and layouts with the help of art and design staff within advertising agencies, public relations firms, or publishing companies. Additionally, they supervise the set designs for theater, television, and movie productions. They must maintain timelines and budgets, understand the design elements of projects, and inspire other creative workers. In some cases, they are responsible for developing schedules and budgets.

Average Art director salary: India: 7.4 LPA

Notable Trends in Design Careers

Design careers of the future are undergoing rapid change from e-commerce platforms to how we consume entertainment. In addition, there has been a significant shift in the state of the workforce almost everywhere due to the global pandemic, especially among designers.

Furthermore, climate change will result in even more design jobs in these specialised fields due to a shift in transportation and shipping. As a result of those changes, there is a notable shift in the design career trends:

A rapid pace of innovation is necessary.

Nowadays, design assets have a relatively short shelf life. An Instagram post will appear in feeds for 21 hours, a video on YouTube lasts for 20 days, a LinkedIn post for 24 hours, a Facebook post for 5 hours, and a Tweet on Twitter has just 18 minutes of fame. It is common for companies to pay a premium for high-quality creative talent to turn around assets that suit current trends quickly. Trends on TikTok are usually only active for about four days and max out after seven days. Skills such as continuous learning, digital fluency, and strong remote communication are critical in a pandemic era.

There is a boom in demand for motion design.

It is becoming increasingly common to consume content via video. As a result of Reels and video prioritisation, YouTube advertising revenue increased, and TikTok became the most downloaded app on Instagram. Evidently, videos and animations have increased value.

In 2023, launching a career in design will be a great choice if you enjoy solving problems, working on teams, and communicating your ideas. The range of design jobs includes technical and creative roles, from front-end developers to art directors.

You may develop tangible products, software, or overarching concepts like brands in product design. With the design, you can make a living at whatever you enjoy. The possibilities of this career path are much more diverse.

What is The Next Step?

If you are an aspiring design candidate and want to have a career in designing after 12th, there are several steps you can take to pursue a career in design. Here are some options you may want to consider:

  1. Pursue a degree in design:One of the first steps you can take to pursue a career in design is to pursue a degree in a related field, such as graphic design, fashion design, or interior design. There are many universities and colleges that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in these areas.
  2. Gain practical experience: Besides pursuing a degree, gaining valuable experience in design can be helpful. One can do it through internships, freelance work, or part-time jobs.
  3. Build a portfolio:As you gain experience and complete projects, building a portfolio of your work is essential. It will help showcase your skills and abilities to potential employers and clients.
  4. Network:Networking can be an essential part of a career in design. Attend industry events, join professional organisations, and connect with other professionals in your field.
  5. Stay updated with industry trends: The design industry is constantly evolving, so staying updated with the latest trends and technologies is essential. It can be done through continued education, attending industry events, and following design blogs and publications.

Having said that, one college that offers a comprehensive and industry-relevant design programme is the Institute of Design, Nirma University. It is one of the top design institutions in Ahmedabad that offers professional education in two main disciplines:

  • Des. Industrial Design programme
  • Des. Communication Design programme

Both Communication Design and Industrial Design require four years of full-time study. It consists of eight semesters of six months each, spanning four years. With input from academicians and industry professionals, the curriculum is carefully designed. In this design university, feedback from stakeholders, students, parents, and industry representatives is greatly valued. As a result, the curriculum is regularly revised and updated to be relevant to the changing times and serve the student cohort best.

  • Students in the undergraduate design programme receive creative and market-relevant training to secure lucrative jobs and launch their businesses.
  • It is why the Institute of Design offers internships of four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks in Years 1, 2, and 3, something that no other design institute provides.
  • In this way, students gain sustained exposure to the working world. They can use their academic courses to enhance their skills and capabilities in the real world.
  • The internships also provide faculty with information regarding what curricular changes must be made to keep the programme relevant.

Since both design programmes are industry-oriented, students have the opportunity to work with organisations in the following areas:

  1. Digital media
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Retail industry
  4. Social organisations
  5. Independent Design Studios
  6. Educational services
  7. Advertising and Media Services
  8. Government bodies, etc.

Wolffkraft Design Studio, Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO), Sparrow Design Firm, Mad Umbrella Productions Limited, White Grape Communications Pvt Ltd, Fingerprint Collective, Morphed Studios, and Cranberry Design Studios are some of the organisations offering internships this year.

What Gives IDNU That Edge to Be One of The Top Design Colleges in Gujarat?

  1. The Institute of Design values diversity and strives to foster it in its programmes and services for students, faculty, and staff. Moreover, since it is part of a university, it has diverse institutes and students from across India and abroad.
  2. The Institute of Design Nirma University is firmly committed to all-round student development. Many student committees and clubs at the Institute facilitate this process. These activities are organised and managed by students.
  • The objective is to ensure that students receive all social benefits efficiently.
  • To facilitate efficient and effective communication between the student body and university administration.
  • Ensure effective student management is established and maintained.
  • This activity aims to help establish and manage all clubs and societies at the university effectively.
  1. The student and staff population is also well represented by both genders and disadvantaged groups.
  2. The University has a variety of committees that ensure respect and value for students and faculty, including the Women Development Cell and the Complaint Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment.
  3. A variety of festivals are celebrated at the university every year. Other fun and engaging events include musical concerts, stand-up comedy shows, dance, music, and other events open to all university students.

Clearly, there is a flourishing career in designing in India and many design jobs that allow you to utilize your creativity every day. Therefore, it should be easier for you to find creative careers with various opportunities that best suit your skills and interests. Not only that, there are design careers that pay well, which is one big reason for pursuing this field.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward a creative career, a bachelor’s in Design programme may be an excellent starting point for many of the roles highlighted above. IDNU’s B.Design programme is undoubtedly among the best. But, of course, it goes without saying that IDNU does not only focus on academics but also the overall development of its students.


Q: Is design a promising career?

A: A career in design offers a wide scope, and there is a constant demand for creative people open to new techniques. Consequently, there is a continuous need for highly trained and skilled professionals in the design field.

Q: What are the careers available in design?

A: Graphic Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer, Photographer, Interior Designer, Multimedia artist & animator, Advertising & Promotions manager, and Art director are some of the top career options available in design.